Kim’s current research on sustainable leather production seeks ways to minimize environmental impact and pollution reduction

of fashion and textiles production through the use of technology,

suggesting energy efficient, ethical, and sustainable production that could benefit animal rights and human welfare. 


2020     Myers Art Prize, Acquisition of Columbia Collection, Columbia University

2019      John F. Lidstone Memorial Scholarship, Teachers College, Columbia University 



2020    Computer Love. BogArt, Digital Art Space NYC, New York. USA.

2020    Myers Art Prize. Acquisition of Columbia Collection. Macy Gallery, Columbia University.

2020    Exploration in Felt. Hunterdon Art Museum, Clinton, NJ. USA.

2019     Studio Works 2019. Macy Gallery, Columbia University. Dec 2019.

2019     Closing the Loop + Inhabiting the Loop. Civic Art Lab 2019. Greenspace NYC.

              Oct 11- Oct 13 2019.


Invited Lectures

2020    Artist Talk. New Media New Form. Online. Columbia University. April 29th 2020, 7-8pm

2019     Artist Talk. Civic Art Lab 2019. Greenspace NYC. New York, NY. Oct 12. 1pm       

                                   Intersection of Sustainability +Design +Art in a Circular Economy - Sustainable Leather.

2019     Invited Guest Critic.

                                  Creative Technology Summer Bootcamp for Peking and Qinghua University

                                   Middle/High School Students. Columbia University. Aug 2. 2019

2019    Artist Talk.

                                  Creative Technology + Art Ed. Creative Technology Summer Bootcamp for K-12

                                  Teachers College, Columbia University. July 26 2019.