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This art-based interdisciplinary endeavor, Sustainable Leather Collection, highlights issues behind fashion and textile production,

which are widely ignored by the fashion industry and consumers. Not only animals but human beings are suffering and dying from fashion and textile production,

the dumped water and wastes are polluting the air, water, and soil even at this very moment, which will eventually cause harmful illnesses to every living thing

on the entire planet. The focus of this on-going research is to suggest energy efficient, ethical and sustainable leather production through digital technology,

fiber science and biofabrication. 


2022      Myers Art Prize 2022, Acquisition of Columbia Collection, Columbia University.

2021       HGA Scholarly Research Scholarship 2021-2022, Handweavers Guild of America.

2020      Myers Art Prize 2020, Acquisition of Columbia Collection, Columbia University.

2019       Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Interdisciplinary Residency. Sept 29 ~ Oct 3, 2019.

2019       John F. Lidstone Memorial Scholarship, Teachers College, Columbia University. 



2022     Activism: Art for a Purpose 2022 (April 18 ~ May 23). Offfit Gallery, Teachers College, Columbia University. NYC, NY. 

2022     Activism: Art for a Purpose 2022  (May 7 ~ June 18). The Center for the Women of New York (CWNY), Fort Totten Park, Bayside, Queens, NY.

2022     Myers Art Prize 2022 (Online- Jan 19-Feb 4). Macy Gallery, Columbia University. [Fine Art]. NYC, NY. USA.

2021      Earth Matters 2021 (Juried Exhibition). (Sep 3 ~ Oct 30). [Textile x Technology]. Watermark Art Center, MN.

2021      Fiber Arts X 2021 (Int’l Juried Exhibition). ( July 31 ~ September 12). Sebastopol Center for the Arts, CA. Macy Gallery, Columbia University. (May 17 ~ May 23).

2021      May Reflection 2021. [Mixed Media]. NYC, USA.

2021      Fantastic Fibers 2021 (Int’l Juried Exhibition). Yeiser Art Center. (April 1 ~ May 29). [Fine Art]. KY, USA.

2021      EcoArt Project 2021. Virtual Exhibition. (Feb 20 ). [Digital Art]. Rockefeller Brother Fund. New York, NY.

2020     Art Miami 2020. Special Online Edition on Artsy. (Dec. 2 ~ Dec 20). [Digital Art]. Miami, FL. USA.
2020     Macy Gallery Online, Columbia University. (May 26 ~ June 18, 2020). In-Process. [Digital Media]. NYC, NY.

2020     Computer Love. BogArt, Digital Art Space NYC, New York. USA.

2020     Myers Art Prize. Acquisition of Columbia Collection. Macy Gallery, Columbia University.

2020     Exploration in Felt. Hunterdon Art Museum, Clinton, NJ. USA.

2019      Studio Works 2019. Macy Gallery, Columbia University. Dec 2019.

2019      Closing the Loop + Inhabiting the Loop. Civic Art Lab 2019. Greenspace NYC.

                Oct 11- Oct 13 2019.


Invited Lectures

2023      Artist Talk. School of Visual Art. The New York Guild of Handweavers. Feb 25, 2023.

2022      Artist Talk. Activism: Art for a Purpose 2022 (April 18 ~ May 23). Offfit Gallery, Teachers College, Columbia University. NYC, NY. 

2022      Guest Speaker. Reimagining Fashion and Art Education. Activism: The Power of Art for Social Transformation.

                                   Gottesman Library, Teachers College, Columbia University & Aldephi University. 4-5pm, Feb 21, 2022.

2020      Artist Talk. New Media New Form. Online. Columbia University. April 29th 2020, 7-8pm

2019       Artist Talk. Civic Art Lab 2019. Greenspace NYC. New York, NY. Oct 12. 1pm       

                                   Intersection of Sustainability +Design +Art in a Circular Economy - Sustainable Leather.

2019       Invited Guest Critic.

                                  Creative Technology Summer Bootcamp for Peking and Qinghua University

                                   Middle/High School Students. Columbia University. Aug 2. 2019

2019       Artist Talk.

                                  Creative Technology + Art Ed. Creative Technology Summer Bootcamp for K-12

                                  Teachers College, Columbia University. July 26 2019.


2022      Artivism Zine (March 2022). Artivist of the Month: Hyunsoo Alice Kim. Change Your Fashion and Care What You Wear.                       
2021       Interview with Hyunsoo Alice Kim. Recipient of HGA Scholarship 2021. Handweavers Guild of America.
2020      The Visual Experience, 4th Ed. Textbook for 9-12 graders. Ch 10. Hyunsoo Kim, Textile Designer.

2020      Arts & Humanities News, Columbia. (Jan 28). Unsilencing Identities: Myers Art Prize. 

Curriculum Development 

A&HA  5128, 5063, 6907   Studio in Creative Technology, Advanced Studio, Independent Studio

                                                    Art and Art Education, Teachers College, Columbia University:

                                                                                                     Textile-based Digital Fabrication course  (Technology for Humanity)

                                                                                                      Independent projects allow students to think about how technology and textile-based art (soft sculptures)

                                                                                                      can be used for personal expression and to address emerging topics in art and art education,

                                                                                                      including social justice, sustainability, and diversity.  

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