The design challenge for this three dimensional art wear, Morning Glory is to create a transformative garment inspired by biomimicry. Biomimicry is design innovation inspired by nature (Benyus, 2002). Robot engineers of today are looking into the movements of insects and animals for improvement in mechanical movements. However, unlike forms in nature, these metal mechanisms require nuts and bolts for assembly.

Morning Glory is applying two levels of biomimicry through textile innovation: it not only mimics form and shape, but also imitates movement- bloom and wilt. Morning glory’s most common colors are blue and purple, while some have white or mix of above colors (Lewis, 2008).

Colors and shapes of Morning glory are translated into textiles. Translucent sky blue and purple polyesters are pleated and sewn with clear monofilament (fishing wire), cooper wire, and Nitinol wire. To achieve light-weight, fluid transformative movements through textiles, vast amount of exploration on fabrics, pleats, wires, and construction methods are examined.

Kim, Hyunsoo. (2018) Morning Glory [Textile & Fashion], Re-Imagine the Re-Newable.

Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, International Textile & Apparel Association.

Hilton Cleveland Downtown, Cleveland, Ohio, USA,  Nov 7.

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