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How to Reconcile Humans with Nature


As we move away from nature and surround ourselves with straight lines and squares, our language and psychology has been changing.  Straight lines have brought speed and convenience, yet a society without metaphors, enduring, and waiting. People suffer from stress as things are unexpected, dissimilar, and intangible throughout their life. However our lives are not naturally formed like a square where everything is in shape and order.


Friedensreich Hundertwasser, an Austrian painter and architect, writes, “Every man possesses five skins: natural skin, clothes, house, social environment and planet.”  His work emphasizes the fact that there is not much difference between our own skin and our earth.  The fundamental components of nature and our skin are in fact made up of the same tiny cells & tissues. In fact, we are an intrinsic part of nature.


Fingerprint, hair, beehives, air, wave, and curves from nature….  As physical distance between modern man and nature extends, emotion and lesson we learn from observing nature have been consigned to oblivion.  How do we reconcile humans with nature between straight lines and curves?  Nature already has the answer.  


Through an investigation of what makes “Skins”, texture will be provided with various materialities. Starting with naturally occurring curves, this fabric collection, utilizing Jacquard loom, portrays skin’s natural imperfections, patterns, and tactility- revealing the hidden beauty of nature. Exploration includes modified version of existing weave structures and textile finishing.

2 0 1 4        Complexity 2014 (Touring Exhibition), Flow & Edge Romance.[Woven] Complexity III.                                                                                Cohen Gallery, Brown University, RI, USA.

2 0 1 2         <Reconciliation>.  Solo Exhibition I. Gallery Is, Seoul, Korea, Feb 29 – March 6.

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