The Moonjar Collection is inspired by traditional Korean ceramics, Moonjar. Its origin dates back to 17th century when people started to call this particular voluminous milky jar, which reminds of a full moon. Unlike other Asian porcelains, Moonjar is consists of two halves joined together in the middle. Its beauty of voluminous line, uneven shape, and rough texture influenced Japanese, initiated Ido pottery in Edo period. Hyunsoo Kim revamps Moonjar utilizing traditional production technique and properties of unconventional materials through textile artists' perspective.

2 0 2 1        Kim, Hyunsoo. (April, 2021). The Woven Moonjar. Surface Design Journal.

2 0 1 7        Craft Trend Fair, [Craft/Product] COEX Convention Center. Seoul, Korea, Dec 7 – Dec 10.

2 0 1 8        Aesthetics of Repetition, [Craft/ Art] Crafts on the Hill Invitation 3-person-show,

                                                                   Crafts on the Hill Gallery, June 1- June 25.

2 0 1 8        Our Story of Providence, [Craft /Art] Spring Invitational Exhibition,

                                                                   ParkEulbok Embroidery Museum,  April 28- Aug 31.

Patented Design

2 0 1 7  “Woven Moonjar I”, Hyunsoo Kim, KIDP by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, 2017b02-0000436

2 0 1 7  “Woven Moonjar II”, Hyunsoo Kim, KIDP by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, 2017b02-0000521

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